About Northwood Energy

Most petroleum companies look only for the new. New land. New Geology. New leases.
Where their work finishes, our work begins.

Northwood Energy started in 1983 with the purchase of a small system of natural gas wells, fixing, renovating, and producing them with a personal attention to detail. Over the years, Northwood has grown to operate more than 1,500 wells in Ohio while maintaining our independence and efficiency.

Specializing in purchasing older, neglected wells and leases, Northwood looks carefully at the geologic potential of each marginal well and develops a plan to maximize energy production while reusing and recycling raw materials from the existing well. Drilling only a handful of strategic new wells every year, our focus is creating new energy out of our neglected resources by recompleting different production zones from the existing wellbore.

Whether you are a landowner with tired, poor, old, poorly operated wells on your property, or you are a larger company looking for a small independent to manage and maximize your shallow held by production leases, give us a call.

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